Construction Process

1. Sign contract.
2. Architectural drawings and permit applications 3-4 weeks.
3. Layout pool.
4. Dig. Track hoe digs pools while walls are hand-shaped.
5. Steel 3/8 steel is laid and tied (We use 30% more than the required amount of steel rebar to insure the structural integrity of your pool or spa!)
6. Pre-plumbing Plumbing that will be inaccessible after concrete shoot is installed.
7. Steel Inspection County inspects to insure work meets code.
8. Shoot High strength (3000psi) concrete is shot to form pool or spa shell.
9. Tile and coping installed around perimeter of pool and/or spa.
10. Pre-grade Wood forms are removed and deck is graded.
11. Form deck (if applicable).
12. Electric Power is run to pool equipment. Panel is set with breakers and equipment is hooked up.
13. Electrical Inspection County ensures all electrical codes are met.
14. Deck Pour.
15. Prep pool for interior finish construction debris is removed and shell is acid washed to insure maximum finish adhesion.
16. Interior finish plaster or specialty surface is hand-troweled.
17. Pool is filled with water (takes 24-48 hours).
18. Clean pool and balance chemistry.
19. Clean-up All construction debris is removed from yard.
20. Pool and Spa Tutorial Review pool care and maintenance with customer.

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