What types of surface option do you offer for concrete pools?

We offer 4 types of surfaces:

1. Traditional plaster (which can be white or tinted any color you desire) will last 6-10 years before needing resurfaced and is the most inexpensive surface option.
2. Hydrazzo – this polished marble surface comes in 8 colors and lasts 10-15 years before wearing out. At that point, a simple repolishing as opposed to complete resurfacing will be needed. This surface is more expensive than traditional plaster but will last longer, has a smoother texture, will be cheaper to maintain in the long run, and is a far more beautiful surface than traditional plaster.
3. SunStone Pearl – this is a pebble-based surface which comes in 6 different colors and typically lasts 20-30 years. These surfaces are bumpy rather than smooth but the stones themselves are smooth round stones rather than the fine sharp aggregate of traditional plaster. These surfaces are unsurpassed in durability and are by far the most attractive surface available.
4.Tile or stone – you can also pick out the tile or stone of your choice as the interior surface of your pool. These will last the life of the pool, replacing any chipped or broken pieces as needed.

How long will it take to complete our pool?

This depends on a variety of factors (including permit approval, weather, job site access, etc.) but we typically can have you swimming in 2-3 months from the time the hole is excavated for a concrete pool and about 1 month for a fiberglass pool. Keep in mind this does not include decking.

Is there any aspect of our pool/spa project that Genesis Pools & Spas will not do?

Yes – We are not licensed to do landscaping, electrical, plumbing or gas installations. However, we have relationships with high quality contractors licensed to perform these activities. This enables us to either provide their services for you in our contract or put you in touch with these contractors directly.

What constitutes a “barrier” for my pool?

Automatic pool covers used to be considered an acceptable safety barrier. In 2006 the state of Oregon adopted a statute stating that automatic covers would no longer be considered as acceptable barriers. However, some counties have yet to adopt this statute. So depending on what county you live in, either a pool cover or fence is required as a safety barrier for your pool. We can check your county building codes for specific requirements.

Do you recommend salt systems?

No – we do not recommend salt systems for a number of reasons. It is commonly suggested that salt purification systems will eliminate the chlorine maintenance necessary on a pool or spa. This just isn’t true. You will still have to test your chlorine level just as frequently in order to avoid spikes and plunges in chlorine due to staggered usage. It is also important to note that the NPC (National Plasterers Council) has found in various studies that salt is extremely destructive to pool plaster and can decrease the life of a plaster surface by as much as 50%. Salt is also corrosive to metal which means decreased life of heat exchanger and pump seals. Hayward Pool Products (Producer of the Gold Line salt system, which is currently the #1 selling salt system in the nation) has stopped producing heaters with copper heat exchangers because of the destructiveness of salt. We recommend a standard chlorinator for purification.

Do you install vinyl liner pools, or pre-packaged above-ground pools or spas?

No - We do not install or recommend vinyl liner pools and we do not install or service any above-ground pools or spas.

Do you offer cleaning and chemistry maintenance packages?

Yes. – We offer a standard yearly package which includes all necessary chemicals with service visits once per week May 15 – Sept. 15 and once per month Sept. 15 through May 15. However we would be happy to discuss a custom service package to meet your needs.

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