Genesis Pools & Spas is a licensed, bonded and insured Oregon swimming pool and spa construction company. We specialize in the construction of custom shotcrete swimming pools and spas. Additionally we offer full renovation services including replacement and repair of coping, tile, and a full line of surface finishes including plaster as well as high-end surface finishes.

Owner Nicholas Friedman has been working in the pool industry in the Northwest since 1992. Growing up outside of Seattle, he worked for his fatherís pool company, learning all aspects of pool construction, hydraulic design, plastering, renovation and chemistry. He moved to Oregon in 2002 and obtained his CCB license in 2003, started a sole proprietorship and subsequently established Genesis Pools & Spas, LLC in June of 2005. In 2010 we expanded our business by purchasing Northwest Pool Plastering, a plastering company which has been servicing the Portland Metro area since 1957.

The primary goal of Genesis Pools & Spas is to install quality pools and spas as well as offer quality renovation options at an affordable price . We work with our customers to provide custom design and engineering solutions to achieve just the right pool and/or spa for every project. We are involved in and supervise every aspect of installing and renovating your pool and/or spa. We employ our own highly skilled professionals and perform all work in-house.

We believe that safety and performance go hand-in-hand and should be applied to every project. We work closely with the Oregon Health Department on all of our commercial projects and apply the same expert commercial hydraulic and safety design to all our residential projects as well. Additionally we don't just build our pools to current standards but are always looking forward. This is why we build every pool not just to meet, but to exceed current building and health department requirements. We take pride in the fact that we have never failed to pass a single construction inspection.

Genesis Pools & Spas, LLC

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